Japan TF Workshop, October 2017 Now Posted

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Spring 2015 Intro & Advanced
TF course project. Final raising Cumberland, Maine

Teak Gooseneck Scarf,
Nosara, Costa Rica Fall 2014.

Spring 2005 Advanced TF course project

Asturias, Spain Summer 2008

Costa Rica Teak Frame Casita, 2008

Patagonia, Winter 2006

Raising bent in Costa Rica 2004


Rattlesnake Mtn Project, 2011

Brittany 2013 Photos Posted
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Brittany Workshop click below
Brittany 2013 Photo Gallery

Join us for the Japan 2017 Timber Framing Workshop
October 21-28 2017 • Tuition $1,850

Join us this fall for what will prove to be a truly exciting workshop in
Okayama Japan.

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SeisuijiTempleFox Maple's World Tour Workshop Series to be kicked off this October in Okayama, Japan, 2017

Last spring, when we announced that the June 2017 workshop series would be the last workshop at the Fox Maple campus in Maine, we heard from many people wishing we would do just one more. While June may have been the last workshop in Maine, it by no means was meant to be the last workshop ever.

For anyone who has ever attended a Fox Maple workshop, you realize that these are not light-hearted fares. Each workshop is intense, there is a lot of learning going on, and as the instructor, I demand a lot out of my students. I often relate one of our workshops to being like a 7 year apprenticeship wrapped up into seven days. I am fairly confident that any of our past studendts would agree with this. Because of this intensity, there are only so many workshops that can take place each year due to this output of energy. By forgoing the annual Maine workshop, it opens up the world. So, let this be notice of the beginning of Fox Maple's World Tour of Timber Framing Workshops .

Japan seems a good place to kick this off, as it is seeped in such richness and wealth and millenia-old tradition in timber framing. We plan to follow up with other workshops in Australia in 2018, a return to Brittany, France as well, along with Costa Rica, and Russia... These will unfold over the next couple of years and we will keep you posted.

As for Japan 2017. This will take place in Kamimomi Village, Kumenan Town, Okayama Prefecture, at the Permaculture Center Kamimoni. The workshop project will be a frame modeled after the traditional medieaval Minka farmhouses common to the rural areas of Japan. These are one of my favorite vernacular timber framing styles, and while in Japan I plan to tour the countryside to photograph classic examples of Japanese Minka's for my new book, The New Vernacular House. The library at Fox Maple is in the style of a Japanese Minka, and actually evolved quite naturally to evoke this style becasue the design mandate was to build with only those materials that could be harvested or gathered within a 50 mile radius of the building site. This is in fact the definition of vernacular building, "a style that is designed based on local needs, availability of construction materials and reflecting local traditions."

We will be posting additional information about this workshop in the coming days, but for now it is open for registration. Tuition will include all meals and lodging on a beautiful organic farm. It should be a wonderful experience and a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the Janpanese culture. The day following the workshop there will be Kezuro-kai, which is a gathering of craftsmen to demonstrate their skills. A good number of master carpenters and traditional craftsmen from around Japan will be gathered on site demonstrating techniques ranging from sharpening and planing to joinery skills. This in itself will be a truly rewarding experience.

Vive Jean-Claude, and hope to see you in Japan this October,

Steve Chappell

Japan 2017 Timber Framing Workshop
October 21-28, 2017 • Tuition $1,850

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Fox Maple Nosara, Costa Rica
Updates to come

PlayaPelada2Fox Maple Nosara is an ongoing work-in-progress, with plans to make the property one of the most unique learning centers in the Costa Rica, if not the universe.

We will be postponing our regular workshop series for 2017 in Nosara, but are planning to continue expanding the infrastructure during this time. One of our major efforts for 2017 will be the construction new reciprocal roof pavillion, which will become the most exuberant reciprocal roof structure on the planet.

This will be a project beyond the scope of a regular workshop, but we are considering the possibilities of making it a work effort to include up to 10, maybe 15, past students, hand-picked, to come join us for a month to cut and erect the frame. This will be by invitation only, no fee, but also no pay, however all expenses will be covered once you arrive on site. IMG_1898As you might imagine, we have accumulated a list of top students over the years to draw from. Perhaps you are one of them.

The pavillion project is still in the planning stages, but we should have the final design details and construction schedule worked out in the next 6 weeks or so. Once we have this all set, we will be sending out the invitations or in some other way be in contact with the chosen ones.

Thanks and stay tuned....


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Costa Rica 2014 Photos.
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Costa Rica 2013 Raising Gallery

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Teak Gooseneck Joint. Nosara 2014

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Japan 2017
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October 21-28, 2017

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